All About Probate:

What It Is, What It Costs, and How to Help Your Family Minimize This Long and Expensive Court Process After You Are Gone


July 28th at 6:00 pm

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you’re likely familiar with the term “Probate.”

Probate is a court process that’s required to legally administer and “close out” a person’s estate after they pass away.

Probate can be EXPENSIVE, and it can take anywhere from a few months to years to complete the process if you are not prepared.  Your loved ones may not have access to their inheritance until it’s finished.

But did you know that the probate process can be simple and painless?  With a few simple action steps, you can minimize the cost to your family and minimize the court’s involvement in your affairs when you are gone. All you need to do is plan!  Some of these steps are so simple that you can check them off the “to do” list by the end of the day.

We invite you to join attorney Erik Martin for a free educational event where you will learn:

  • Exactly what’s involved in probating an estate…and why everyone complains about it so much. Why having a Will expedites the probate process. Probate is supposed to be simple in Texas, and IT IS if you’re prepared!
  • The Cost of NOT having a Will…and the process and delay of determining heirship.
  • The Revocable or Irrevocable Trust…these CAN avoid the probate process, but there are traps for the unwary.
  • What assets can legally AVOID the probate process…and how to make sure you are filling out paperwork correctly to keep these assets out of court.
  • How executing a Will saves your family money, time and heartache after you are gone .
  • Simple steps you can take NOW…to make the process go smoothly and efficiently.

This webinar is FREE and nothing will be sold.


If you would like to hear more about streamlining the probate process and making sure that more of your inheritance goes to your families and not lawyers, creditors or the government when you are gone…

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